The Original HCG Drops!      $79.95

This is our classic HCG formula. This 2 ounce bottle is a thirty day supply and should result in weight loss of to 2 pounds a day. hCG has been shown to assist the body in releasing "Abnormal Fat Reserves" which is stored around the hips, thighs, belly and upper arms. Your problem areas will be dealt with efficiently and quickly.

hCG is also a natural appetite depressant... no more hunger pains! The drops come ready to use and are manufactured and packaged in the USA!

Original HCG Drops


New Maintenance Drops!     $89.95

After thousands of tests, HCG Health Products has formulated a solution that compliments and helps you through the tough phases of the diet. In every test the client reported much less fatigue and hunger.

Maintenance Drops are an appetite suppressant that work with your system to boost your metabolism naturally, curb hunger, reduce cravings for sugar and carbs and most importantly help you keep the weight off!! This is the only product of its kind on the market today.

Maintenance Drops


Super HCG Plus Formula!     $89.95

Extreme Weight Loss Drops

This new extra strength 2 ounce formula combines the Original HCG Drops with Vitamin B-12 and three additional essential ingredients to supercharge your diet. With this formula your body's fat burning, appetite control and cellulite reductions powers may be enhanced. Clients who have used both the Original and the HCG Plus Formulas choose the Plus Formula more than 90% of the time.

Super HCG Plus Formula


Online Coaching... maybe all you need is a little help!

Having trouble meeting your weight loss goals? Working with a certified HCG coach will help you stay focused, keep you from making mistakes and save you time and money that would usually be lost to trial and error. Working with a coach and gaining their extensive knowledge and experience will help you reach your goals in the quickest least expensive way.

 Coaching: 10 emails, $99.95
 Coaching: hour tele-consulting plus 5 emails, $149.95
 Coaching: 1 hour tele-consulting plus 10 emails, $249.95


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